Special Events: Overview

AAS Receptions

Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony

Keynote Addresses

AAS/ICAS Film Expo 2011

Late-Breaking News Panels (see times and venues)

Two Journal of Asian Studies Events


Performance: Indian Classical Music Circle of Hawaii

Student Performances

Honolulu Fish Tour

Exhibitions from the Honolulu Academy of Arts

The Reformer's Brush: Modernity and Traditional Media in China
A Special Exhibition at The University of Hawai'i Art Gallery

Conference Invitation “Rethinking the Chinese
Revolution: 1911 in Global Perspective”

Sneak Preview of the opening of the 31st English Language
Kabuki at the University of Hawaii

"Yarn: Remembering the Way Home,"
a Reading by Kyoko Mori, followed by
a Conversation with Yuko Taniguchi

"Rhythm Summit" - Taiko and Jazz
at the Honolulu Academy of Arts
with Kenny Endo, Noel Okimoto + Dean Taba