Pages from the Print Conference Program

Below are links to the pages from the printed Conference Program. The printed program lists chairs, paper presenters (with paper titles) and discussants on each panel. Listed panels include only the names of the participants registered by the December 1, 2011 deadline (November 18th for student participants). This is a PDF copy and will not be updated.

A copy of the print conference program will be distributed to all paid conference attendees onsite* at the AAS Registration Counters (*excluding attendees that have paid for First Class postage who will receive their program by mail).

We will list the names of participants that have registered after the posted deadlines and on/before February 1 in the Conference Addendum.

Preconference Events

Keynote Speakers

Presidential Address

Panels by World Area

Thursday, March 15 (Panels 1 -56)

Friday, March 16 (Panels 57-167)

Saturday, March 17 (Panels 168-298)

Sunday, March 18 (Panels 298-380)

Listing of Program Participants (with panel number)

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Special Events/Meetings-in-Conjunction


Late-Breaking News Panels

Friday, March 16, 8:30am–10:30am
"Covering Asia: Journalists' Perspectives on Reporting on and from Asia"

Saturday, March 17, 4:30pm–6:30pm
"The Persistence and Unraveling of Asian Authoritarianisms"