Online Program and Panel Scheduler

This online program includes all scheduled participants, panel and paper titles, abstracts and additional panel and scheduling information. You may access the Conference Schedule directly below. Please take a moment to review the instructions for assistance in navigating the program.

View the Searchable Online Program and Abstracts

Instructions for using the All Academic online program database

Option 1: GUEST USER: You may search and browse the program directly by accessing the link above. You may also use the My Schedule feature to build a schedule which may be printed or saved to Outlook calendar. However, as a "Guest" you will not be able to save the schedule.

Option 2: LOG IN. Log in to the All Academic program to take full advantage of the "My Schedule" feature. Logged in Panel Participants will find their panel information already listed in "My Schedule." Participants logging in for the first time may request their username and password through All Academic. Non-participants may also create a new user account. Logged in visitors will have the ability to save a schedule in the system for future reference or changes.

Please Note: This schedule currently lists only the scheduled panels and does not include special events or keynote addresses currently scheduled.


To search the schedule for specific people, panels, keywords, area of study, or affiliation go to the schedule homepage and in the left-hand column, under Guest Menu, select Search the Online Program. Under General Search Options you may choose the following:

Find People by name or affiliation via the PEOPLE tab:

  • Enter a name in the First and/or Last Name field, and click Search if you wish to find a specific participant (including yourself)
  • Enter an affiliation to view the complete list of participants at a particular institution

Search Panel Sessions information via the SESSIONS tab:

  • Search by full or partial panel title or a keyword to search Panel sessions on a particular subject
  • Search by Area of Study: select a subject area from the Area of Study drop-down menu, and click Search if you wish to identify all sessions in a specific subject area
  • Search by Discipline: select a discipline from the drop-down menu, and click Search if you wish to identify all sessions within a specific discipline.

Search INDIVIDUAL SUBMISSIONS Tab and search as described above if you wish to identify all Paper Presentations on a specific topic.

TO VIEW ABSTRACTS: Click on paper and session titles to pull up abstracts and more information.

Note: You may expand your search options via the advance search. Please keep in mind the more options selected for a search the more limited your search results.


To view the schedule by day, click "Browse the Program." This will bring you to the Events Calendar page, with links to each day's schedule. Select a day and you will be brought to a grid of the day's sessions. You can click on any of the session titles to see details of the session, including the session abstract. You can also click on individual paper titles to view paper abstracts. To return to the grid, click the Events Calendar tab in the top right-hand corner of the page. To return to the Main Menu, click the Main Menu tab.


To build a personal schedule for printing or to upload to your outlook calendar, click on the "Add to My Schedule" on the right side of any panel or paper information screen. Then go to My Schedule" icon in the top right-hand corner of the page to access your schedule.
Participants: Participants scheduled on panels will find their scheduled panel already populated in the My Schedule program.


  • Your access will time out after 60 minutes of inactivity
  • To access the homepage (log in page) while in the system, you must revisit the link via the AAS website
  • All participants have accounts in the systems (created by your organizer). Participants please refer to the information in the Log-in Procedure section of the All Academic home page before attempting to create an account.