2013 AAS Annual Conference (San Diego): Conference News

The 2013 Conference in San Diego was a great success!

THANK YOU to the all that participated including panel organizers, the AAS Program Committee, sponsors, and the 100+ exhibitors.


  • View the 2013 Abstracts and Panel Information
    The abstracts and panel information from the AAS Annual Conference in San Diego is available for viewing via the AAS All Academic conference webpages. You do not need to log in to view this information
  • Below are a few candid shots from the gathering in San Diego. Additional photos have been posted to the AAS Facebook page. Photos courtesy of conference photographer Jess Karras of Karras Photography.
2013 Program Cover


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    Benefits of Attending the AAS Annual Conference

    • The AAS Annual Conference is the PREMIER CONFERENCE for Asian studies scholars.

    • Stay abreast of RECENT RESEARCH in Asian studies.

    • NETWORK with leading scholars who share your interests and concerns.

    • Visit the AAS Book Exhibition, with MORE THAN 100 EXHIBITORS providing a diverse assortment of scholarly materials and services.

    • Features a WIDE VARIETY of subjects in close to 400 panel sessions.

    • View the latest new documentaries and films covering all areas of Asia at the AAS FILM EXPO.