Scheduled Thematic Feature Sections

The "Features" section of each issue of Education About Asia will address a specific theme (see below for a listing of scheduled themes).

Prospective authors of feature-length articles are strongly advised to be aware of the focus of each thematic issue before developing a manuscript. Although feature articles that are unrelated to the theme of a given issue will occasionally be published, it is probable that there will often be a long time lapse between acceptance of these types of manuscripts and their publication.

Prospective authors should bear in mind, however, that the "Resources" section of EAA will continue to include essays and reviews about a variety of topics. Authors are welcome to submit resource essays and reviews on topics dealing with any aspect of Asia.

Regardless of the type of article a prospective author is considering submitting, he or she should carefully read the Author Guidelines.

As is the case with all manuscripts, please send electronic versions to the EAA editorial office at


Thematic Issue Publication Schedule

FALL 2015 (20:2) Asia: Biographies and Personal Stories (Part II)

This sequel to the winter 2014 (19:3) special section will include articles on the contributions of influential Asians and people from elsewhere who have played significant roles in influencing historical and contemporary events, or vivid and rich accounts of the lives and contributions of so-called "ordinary" people in Asia.The manuscript submission deadline for this issue has passed.

WINTER 2015 (20:3) India: Past, Present, and Future

Authors are sought who will develop manuscripts that encompass India-related topics suitable for inclusion in survey-level courses in a variety of humanities and social sciences disciplines. Deadline for initial receipt of manuscripts: AUGUST 5, 2015.

SPRING 2016 (21:1) Asia in Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Undergraduate Honors Courses

We seek authors who will contribute manuscripts that assist instructors and students in secondary school and undergraduate honors courses and curricula in better understanding Asia. Deadline for Initial Receipt of Manuscripts: JANUARY 4, 2016.

FALL 2016 (21:2) Sports, Culture, and Asia

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts on the historical and contemporary roles and influence of sports on Asian culture. Deadline for Initial Receipt of Manuscripts: MARCH 31, 2016.

WINTER 2016 (21:3) Traditional and Contemporary Asia: Numbers, Symbols, and Colors

We seek authors from a variety of disciplines who will develop manuscripts that enable instructors and students to better understand the religious, aesthetic, and sociological impact of numbers, symbols, and colors on human thought and action in Asian societies. Deadline for Initial Receipt of Manuscripts: JULY 22, 2016.

SPRING 2017: (22:1) Contemporary Postcolonial Asia

Although we hope to publish some manuscripts that focus upon post World War II- Asian Decolonization, a major emphasis of this special section will be upon contemporary Asian polities' achievements, problems and opportunities. Deadline for Initial Receipt of Manuscripts: NOVEMBER 30, 2016.