2015 AAS Book Prize Winners

Listed below are the prize-winning books that will be recognized at the upcoming 2015 AAS Annual Conference in Chicago.

Congratulations to all authors and presses for their outstanding work!

Please be sure to attend the AAS Presidential Address & Awards Ceremony (5:30pm on Friday March 27 at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers) for the prize presentations and be sure to drop by the exhibit hall to examine the books at their respective publishers' booths.

Information about AAS book prizes is available here. Information about AAS book prize competitions for 2016 will appear in spring 2015.

Joseph Levenson Book Prize (Pre-1900 China)

Joseph Levenson Book Prize (Post-1900 China)

E. Gene Smith Book Prize (Inner Asia)

John Whitney Hall Book Prize (Japan)

James Palais Book Prize (Korea)

Bernard Cohn Book Prize (S. Asia)

A.K. Coomaraswamy Book Prize (S. Asia)

Harry J. Benda Prize (SE Asia)

George McT. Kahin Prize (SE Asia)

Franklin Buchanan Prize (Curricular Materials)