2012 Conference

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Southeast Asia Panels and Abstracts

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Session 12: Individual Papers: Social Media
Little Brother and Sister are Watching: Youth-Directed Media Tools and Thought Work in Post-1989 Chinese News Media, Emily I. Sobel
The Enemy of My Enemy is… My Enemy: Online Indonesian Extremist Discourse and the Libya Conflict, Chris Lundry
The Impacts of Social Media on Thailand's Political Crisis, Aim Sinpeng
YouTube Nationalism: Indonesia, Islam, the Ahmadiyah, and ‘Indonesian’ Reproduction, Daniel C.. Bottomley
E-Government in China: Who Talks with Officials Online?, Shiru Wang

Session 13: Individual Papers: Cultural Images & National Symbols
Becoming a National Goddess: Debates on the “Nationalization” of Mazu Practice in Taiwan , Chengpang Lee
Chinggis Khan on Film: Globalization, Nationalism, and Historical Revisionism, Robert Y. Eng
Caretaker to Cadre: The Evolution of Feminine Representation in Vietnamese National Cinema , Lan Nguyen
Representing Koxinga, Imagining Asia, Masashi Ichiki
Cambodian Souvenirs: Postcards and Other Memories of Control in French Indochina , Jose Rafael Martinez

Session 14: Leading ‘Beyond Translation’: A.L. Becker and the Interpretation of Southeast Asian Literature and Performance - Sponsored by the Southeast Asia Council (SEAC)
Texts Within Texts: Translation Issues in Old Javanese and Early Indonesian Literature, Patricia B. Henry
Alton Becker’s Text Coherence in Linguistic and Cultural Studies, Thomas M. Hunter
Translating Love and Romance: Youth Language, Islam, and Authenticity in Popular Indonesian Novels , Nancy J. Smith-Hefner

Session 15: Decline, Golden Age, or Transition? Medical, Literary and Political Aspects of the Tu Duc Era (1847-1883) - Sponsored by the Vietnam Studies Group
A Pox on Tu Duc: The Social and Political Effects of Smallpox on the Reign of the Last Independent Emperor of Vietnam, C. Michele Thompson
Cao Ba Quat (1809-1855): Poetry of Disenchanment and Moral Luck, Quang Phu Van
Imagined Histories of the Mid-19th Century Nguyen Court and the Roots of the Southern Push (Nam Tien), Brian Zottoli
The 1877 Vietnamese Palace Examination and the Failure of Reasoning by Historical Analogy, Wynn W. Gadkar-Wilcox

Session 40: Cham, Chinese, and Islamic Influences on the Cultural History of South-Central Vietnam
A Confucian Turn? Dang Trong and the Origins of Nguyen Vietnam, Charles J. Wheeler
One side of Islamization of the Cham: Through a study on Islamic Manuscripts of Cham Bani in Vietnam, Yasuko Yoshimoto
Oral and Textual Evidence of Indigenous Populations of Viet Nam in Cultural Anthropology: Examples from Cham Texts, Phan Thanh

Session 41: Making Sense of Physical Culture: Sport, Ritual, and Identity in Mainland Southeast Asia
Controlling Cane-Ball: Nation-Building, Ritual, and the Transformation of “Chinlone” in Colonial and Post-Colonial Myanmar, Maitrii V. Aung-Thwin
The Lao Game of Tikhi: How Writing about a Tradition Helped Make Modern Laos, Simon R. Creak
Ethnic Minority Sports and the Making of the Thai, ca. 2005, Hjorleifur Jonsson
Boat Racing in Contemporary Laos: Encounters with Modern Sport Make Tradition, Sayaka Hashimoto

Session 50: Reflection on Foreign Contacts with Siam: Studies of Temple Murals
Chinese Altar Tables in Thai Temple Murals , Jessica L. Patterson
Re-thinking Thai Buddhist Art in the 19th and Early 20th Century - The Influence of the Dhammayut Reform Movement , John Listopad
To Project a Modern Image: King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) and Mural Painting at Ratchapradit and Benchamabopit Temples , Pattaratorn Chirapravati
The Making of Wat Phra Kaew as Tourist Site and National Stage During the Cold War Period , Melody Rod-Ari

Session 69: Press Landscape and Intellectual Production in the Republic of Vietnam, 1955-1975
The Duong Song – Dan Chu Affair: The South Vietnam Press and the Limits of Loyalty to Ngo Dinh Diem, 1954-1963, Jason A. Picard
Raising Vietnamese: Children's Magazines in the South in the Early 1970s, Olga Dror
The 1956 Ordinance and Censorship Practices in the RVN, Chi Thuc Ha

Session 70: Roundtable: The Unretractability of State Violence in Thailand: Past, Present, and Future

Session 98: Environment, Livelihoods, and Development in Southeast Asia
Luxury seafood consumption in China and the intensification of coastal livelihoods in Southeast Asia, Michael Fabinyi
The Will to Feed the World from Indonesia: the Emergence of a New Paradigm of Agriculture for Development, Noer Fauzi Rachman
Negotiating development in upland Laos, Sarinda Singh
The Lower Sesan 2 Hydropower Project in northeastern Cambodia: Exploring a Large Dam using a Political Ecology Approach , Ian G. Baird

Session 99: Democracy and Society in Southeast Asia
The Conservative Turn in Democratic Indonesia? Explaining the State’s Inability to Protect Religious Freedom, Kikue Hamayotsu
Tak Nak Mereform: Contemporary Malaysian Politics in Historical Perspective, Thomas Pepinsky
People's Power in Malaysia, Bridget Welsh
Immigration and Democratic Politics: Singapore in the Wake of the 2011 General Election, Eric C. Thompson

Session 124: Understanding Vietnamese Politics: Fresh Approaches and Issues from the Field
Anti-Westernism, Modernization, and Rent-Seeking: The Underlying Logics of Vietnam’s Strategic Behavior in the Doi Moi Era, Alexander Vuving
The Political Role of the Vietnam People’s Army: Corporate Interests and Military Professionalism, Carlyle A. Thayer
The Changing Nature of Vietnamese Politics: a Political Ecologist’s Perspective on the Bauxite Affair, Jason Morris-Jung
Politics of Vietnam's Response to Avian Influenza: Paradoxes, Narratives and Nexus of Power, Tuong Vu

Session 125: Islam and Sexuality in Southeast Asia
Under Permanent Exception: Buddhist-Muslim Intimacies in Contemporary Thai Cinema, Arnika Fuhrmann
Sexualized Banter and “Polygamy Talk” in Malay Muslim Corporate Life, Patricia Sloane-White
Islam and Sexual Politics in Indonesia, Laura Coppens

Session 153: Indonesian Politics by Other Means: The Distribution and Manipulation of Power Outside Elections - Sponsored by the Indonesia and East Timor Studies Committee
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pesantren Tours, and the Making of ‘Moderate Islam’ in Indonesia, James B. Hoesterey
The Politicization of the "Apolitical:" Debates Surrounding Indonesian Islamic Higher Education, Ronald Lukens-Bull
The Politics of Exclusion: Ahmadiyah and Indonesian State-Formation, Jeremy M. Menchik

Session 154: Individual Papers: Power & Politics in Southeast Asia
Populism and Contestation in Thailand's 2011 Election, Colm Fox
Who Governs? Autonomous Professional Networks as a Challenge to Political Power in Thailand, Joseph A. Harris
From Clients to Citizens: Citizenship in Weak States, Gerry van Klinken
Nurturing Civil Society in Malaysia and Thailand with Civic Spaces, Katia Balassiano

Session 178: Performance, Popular Culture, and Piety in Southeast Asia - Sponsored by the Indonesia and East Timor Studies Committee
Performing piety from the inside out: Gender, costume and public space in a changing Indonesian mask ‘tradition’ , Laurie Margot Ross
Islamic Revivalism and Religious Piety in Indonesian Cinema, Eric Sasono
Embodying the Divine and the Body Politic: Mak Yong Performance in Rural Kelantan, Malaysia , Patricia A Hardwick
“Islamic” TV Dramas, Malay Youth and Pious Visions for Malaysia , Timothy P. Daniels

Session 179: Political Parties and Party System Institutionalization in Indonesia
Still the Natural Government Party? Challenges and Opportunities for Golkar ahead of the 2014 Election , Dirk Tomsa
Parties, Parliament and Policy in Indonesia, Stephen Sherlock

Session 196: Vote-Buying, Money Politics, and Clientelism in Southeast Asia
Clientelism from Below: Money Politics and Vote-buying in Indonesian Elections, Edward Aspinall
Linking Capital and Countryside: Patronage and Clientelism in Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines , Paul D. Hutchcroft
From Public Goods to Pork: The Particularization of Public Policy in Thailand and the Philippines , Allen D. Hicken
Party-Candidate Relationships as a Source of Political Corruption: Indonesia in Comparative Perspective , Michael Buehler

Session 208: Narratives of Reconciliation: The Vietnamese Case
Fighting for Peace and Reconciliation: The End of Neutralism, Sophia W Quinn-Judge
The Challenge of Reconciliation Within South Vietnam's Catholic Community, Claire Thi Lien Tran
Overseas Vietnamese in the West: The Actors and Attempts at Reconciliation, Giao Ngoc Nguyen
Military Victory and the Difficult Tasks of Reconciliation in Vietnam: A Cautionary Tale, Ngo Vinh Long

Session 235: Roundtable: Appraising Recent Developments in Myanmar

Session 236: In the Line of Fire:Civilian Experiences of Violence During the Indochina War (1945-75)
A “Total War” of Decolonization? Social Mobilization & Modern War in Upper Communist Vietnam (1949-1954) , Christopher E. Goscha
“Calibrating Coercion in the Mekong Delta: Viet Minh Repertoires of Violence in Guerrilla War, 1945-54” , Shawn F. McHale

Session 262: Ambiguous Avant-Gardes: Southeast Asian Artists at the Forefront of Modernity - Sponsored by the Southeast Asia Council (SEAC)
Night Letters": Art and Ambiguity in the Early Years of Soeharto's New Order (1968-1974), Jeffrey Hadler
Art for Life’s Sake Reconsidered: Inflection of Thailand’s Political Art , Vipash Purichanont
Artistic Rebels and Cultures of Expression: Art of the New Millennium in Cambodia , Pamela N. Corey
Defiant Abstraction: Nguyen Trung and the Modernist Movement in South Vietnam from 1965-1990, Nora A. Taylor

Session 263: Ideologies of Development in Southeast Asia in the 21st Century
Development ideology in Indonesia in historical perspective, J. Thomas Lindblad
“There’s only a crisis of integrity”: Ideas and Ideologies of Development in 21st Century Indonesia, Paul K. Gellert
Minding the Metaphor: Vietnamese State-Run Press Coverage of the “Arab Spring”, Cari A. Coe

Session 286: Filipino Bodies; Philippine Masculinities: Public Performance of pagkalalake Masculinity
Modeling Masculinity in the Tausug Narrative Song Genre Liyangkit Parangsabil, Ricardo D. Trimillos
Streetdancing as Michael Jackson: Promise and Filipino Masculinity in the Ati-atihan Festival , Patrick P Alcedo
Interrogating “Masculinity” in the New Philippine Indie Films 2005-2011, Nicanor Tiongson

Session 287: Religious Freedom and Intolerance in Indonesia - Sponsored by Indonesia and East Timor Studies Committee
Om Swasty-Alaikum... Interpreting Religio-Ethnic Humor on the Balinese Stage, Richard Fox
Intolerant Fatwas and Coexistence in Indonesia, Mun'im Sirry
That is not Christianity: Interdenominational Conflict in Protestant Communities in North Maluku, Christopher R. Duncan
Ahmadiyah, the State and the Politics of Intolerance in Indonesia, Dadi Darmadi
Radicalism in Indonesian Public Schools, Syafaatun Almirzana

Session 300: Agrarian Change and its Discontents: 20 Years After Vietnam’s 1993 Land Law
Postsocialist Land Privatization in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta, Tim Gorman
Stepping on Steep Slopes: Measuring Highland Smallholder Investment Practices in Northwest Vietnam, Richard C. Owens
Crisis in the Commons: Social Vulnerability among Shrimp Farmers in the Mekong Delta, Hong Anh T. Vu
Land tenure in Vietnam: Challenges and Policy Responses for Resettlement, Nga Dao
Property Markets for Land, Forests and Carbon in Central Vietnam, Pamela McElwee

Session 311: Power Downloaded: Social Media and Democratic Politics in Southeast Asia
Re-arranging the Highs and the Lows: New Media in Singaporean Politics, Chee Han Lim
Tossing Coins: The Success and Failure of Facebook Movements in Indonesia, Merlyna Lim
, Shita Laksmi
Citizens in @ction: Mapping the use of social media in the contemporary civic activism in Indonesia, Yanuar Nugroho
New Media and Hate Speech in Thai Political Conflict, Chanchai Chaisukkosol
Creative Resistance through Social Media Networks: Malaysia’s ‘Hibiscus Revolution’, Asha Rathina Pandi

Session 338: Individual Papers: Religion
Islam and the Culture of Inclusion in Sabah, David J. Banks
The Cleansing of God's Chinese Sons: Baptism in 17th-Century China, Gang Song
Naming Chaos: Accident, Potential, and Wildness in Urban Thai Spirit Cults, Andrew A Johnson
Confucian Views on Longevity and Immortality, Lukas Pokorny

Session 340: New Interpretations of Collaboration and Resistance in South Vietnam: Exploring Fresh Evidence on Nation-Building During the Vietnam Crisis, 1950-1975
The Wartime Struggle for Human Rights in South Vietnam, Grace Cheng
The Amateur Diplomacy of Anna Chennault with South Vietnamese Leaders, Harish C. Mehta
Repairing Client Relations: The Nixon Administration Embraces Nguyen Van Thieu, Josh Lovell
Civic Action, Revolution, and Nation-Building in Ngo Dinh Diem’s Vietnam: 1957-1961, Geoffrey C. Stewart

Session 341: Aphrodisiacs and Metaphors: Food and Sexuality in Southeast Asia - Sponsored by COTSEAL
Rituals and Folk Beliefs on Food, Gender and Sexuality in Cambodia, Chhany Sak-Humphry
Lust or Appetite?: The Ambiguity of Indonesian Love and Taste Expressions, Juliana Wijaya
Filipino Food and Sexual Allusions: View from Songs, Jokes and Poetry, Ruth Elynia Mabanglo
Food and Allusion to Sensuality/Sex(uality) in Thai ”Food-Logue” Verse Literature by King Rama II. , Yuphaphann Hoonchamlong

Session 366: Reconsidering Violence: The Engagement, Disengagement, and Reintegration of Militants in Indonesia
Pride, Remorse and Ambivalence: Examining Indonesian Jihadist Attitudes to Terrorism, Gregory J. Fealy
Processes and Pathways: Explaining the Disengagement of Jihadis in Indonesia, Julie Chernov Hwang
Jihad as a “badge of honor”: The life-story narratives of political activists in the post-jihad period in Indonesia, Muhammad Najib Azca
The Disengagement of GAM Forces: From Military to Politics, Badrus Sholeh