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Asian Studies Programs and Centers


College of Charleston, Department of Japanese
Columbia University, Institute for Medieval Japanese Studies
Gustavas Adolphus College, Japanese Studies Program
Harvard University, Reischauer Institute for Japan
Indiana University, National Clearinghouse on US-Japan Studies
Johns Hopkins University, Japan Studies
Kent State University, MA in Japanese Translation
MIT, Japan Program
Middlebury College, Department of Japanese Studies
Montana State University, Japan Studies
North Carolina State University, North Carolina Japan Center
San Diego State University, Japan Studies Institute
Stanford University, Inter-University Center for Japanese Language
The Triangle Center for Japanese Studies (Duke University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University)
University of Alabama, Japan Program
UC Berkeley, Center for Japanese Studies
UC San Diego, Japanese Studies
UCLA, Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies
University of California, Berkeley, Group in Asian Studies
University of Hawaii, Center for Japanese Studies
University of Kentucky, Japan Studies Program
University of Michigan, Center for Japanese Studies
University of Mississippi, Japanese Program
University of Rochester, Asian Studies Program
University of Virginia, Japanese Language Program
University of Washington, Technical Japanese Program
University of Washington, Jackson School of International Studies, Japan Studies Program
Wellesley College, Japanese Studies
Western Michigan University, Michitoshi Soga Japan Center
Western Washington University, Japanese Language Program

Oxford University, Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies
Stockholm School of Economics, European Institute of Japanese Studies

Japan Foundation, Japan Language Institute, Kansai
National University of Singapore, Department of Japanese Studies
Tokyo International University, Japan Studies Program

Australian National University, Australia-Japan Research Center
Monash University, Department of Japanese Studies
Monash University, Japanese Studies Center